Financial-economic crises in Mediterranean Europe and the Balkans

No. 13 – August 2013
Author: Massimo Ortolani
Language: English
 Economic Data Science
 Economic Intelligence
 European Debt Crisis
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A long series of economic recessions and financial turbulence have hit the Euro-Zone and some neighbouring country. To prevent similar events in future, each country should improve the efficiency of his staff of professionals dedicated to the economic intelligence. Politicians as well as economists should change their mentality and accept the geo-policy tools and methods. Economic theories and techniques should be enriched by the analysis of anthropological elements and cultural habits and by economic intelligence. That is required, for example, to provide the national parliaments with a wide information support about the most relevant target contents to be taken into account when designing and tuning new corporate and/or competition laws. Economic intelligence could become more effective by strenghtening the exchange of information among the EU administration and activating similar exchanges with the private sector. A special need is for capacitating and training appropriately the new professionals of economic intelligence. It will be more precisely qualifying the expected role for such new operators of the economic intelligence calling them by the more properly name of “economic data scientist”.