La red telemática, el Estado moderno y la crisis del Estado italiano

No. 25 – April 2014
Author: Francesco G. Leone
Language: Spanish
 crisis of the Italian state
 cyber crime
 cyber defence

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The article highlights some concepts related to the Italian legal doctrine in sociological prospective concerning the modern state. The author will point out, with examples, how new technologies can compromise the core and fundamental basis of the modern state. Considering that the Italian state is facing a deep systemic crisis the main purpose of this article is to stimulate the debate within the Italian society about the role of the state preventing cyber attacks and cyber crime. As no solution had been taken by lawmakers and politicians, most of the cyber defence rules and regulations implemented in Italy seem to be decisions or resolutions decided by supranational organizations, such as NATO and the European Union. Paradoxically, public-private partnerships may be a valid solution to protect the Italian state from the risks and threats associated with the all encompassing use of the computer networks and the internet.