L’economia cubana nella transizione uni-multipolare: dalle riforme economiche alla creazione della Zona Economica Speciale di Mariel

No. 27 – July 2014
Author: Alessandro Di Liberto
Language: Italian
 Cuban foreign investment law
 Port of Mariel
 Cuban economic reforms

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This report aims to analyze the context in which Cuba has created the Special Economic Zone of Mariel. Geopolitical factors such as the new multi-polar phase are at the foundation of the SEZ, but they are undoubtedly the new economic dynamics relating to the change in place that are driving the business toward new directions. If the Caribbean is currently living, a phase of attraction to Latin America, which is itself affected by a phase of political and economic development, we must not neglect the global context in which the new economic realities of the BRICS are expanding. This is because the new multi-polar phase is more intense on certain regions in which the first phase focuses on economic rise, polarizing them in new interests that sometimes replace old, thus creating potential friction. It is in contexts such as these that the new phase becomes clear and concrete giving interesting insights about possible trends in the coming years.