Il cinema dell’Africa tra colonizzazione e indipendenza

No. 28 – August 2014
Author: Marco Ferretti
Editing: Maria Pia Ester Cristaldi
Language: Italian
 Film production in Africa
 Influence of European cinema
 Souleymane Cissé

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The aim of this work is to outline the most important features of Sub-Saharan African cinema, from the early beginnings to nowadays. Films produced in this area of Africa are here analysed from several viewpoints: the aesthetic, technical and stylistic features, as well as the social ones and the political message conveyed by movies, without overlooking the important anthropologic dimension that cinema has as an art form. Cinema has certainly a considerable anthropologic dimension: if cinema can be considered as a cultural manifest, this is due to the strong connection between films and the social context they are produced in. Each film reflects and expresses its own reality, this is the main reason why many of the cinematographic productions analysed focus on ancient rites and traditions of African societies, here operating as film settings.