L’importanza di una strategia di rilancio infrastrutturale per l’Italia e il suo Meridione

No. 47 – June 2015
Author: Filippo Romeo
Language: Italian

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This report highlights the positive impact that could befall Italy and its South (Mezzogiorno) from the implementation of an infrastructure strategy that would take into account the new geopolitical realities that are resetting the Mediterranean at the the centre of International affairs. The Mediterranean Sea, that since antiquity has had a fundamental role in worldwide history evolution, even though it represents only 1% of the global water, is again becoming the crossroad of the global economy main flows. This new reality could represent an opportunity for Italy, as due to its geographical position is a “natural dock” as well as a marker that split the Mediterranean in two compartments. To ensure that this opportunity could be exploited it would necessitate that the South Italy closes the infrastructure gap that so far prevented the consolidation of a concrete development action plan. This could happen by implementing a proper strategy that would make the South (Mezzogiorno) and the whole Nation competitive by equipping them to deal with the new geopolitical challenges and changes ahead of us. A plan that would allow the country to deal with new fluxes and that would give Italy a boost in logistical efficiency. A growth of its overall potential would give it a bigger weight in global affairs. Such plan, though remaining within the context of the TEN network, would allow Italy to have a streamlined connection with Europe, and, because of its history, to play a pivotal role in the Mediterranean, allowing it to follow, intercept and direct the new geo-economic and geopolitical trends heading south. It is clear that such choices would allow the South (Mezzogiorno) of Italy to become the main centre and engine of the new economic processes, and would allow the whole Nation to overcome the imbalance that has plagued it since its inception.