La sicurezza energetica e il ruolo del gas naturale

No. 48 – July 2015
Author: Emanuele Paolo Sicuro
Language: Italian
Energy security
Energy demand and supply
Natural gas
Natural resources

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Energy security is one of the most relevant issues that governments and international organizations will face for years to come. The development of global dynamics of energy demand and supply have altered the international market. The relocation of energy demand from high-income economies to developing countries changed international geo-strategic balance, as well as assessments of environmental impact of industrial supply chain have led to re-evaluation of the energy policies. The access to natural resources and their unequal geographical distribution have always been a factor of friction between countries; world energy markets continue to be vulnerable to disruptions by events ranging from geopolitical strife to natural disasters. International Energy Agency (IEA) defines energy security as the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price. Historically, energy security was linked to oil supply. While oil supply remains a key issue, the increasing complexity of energy systems requires systematic and rigorous understanding of a wider range of vulnerabilities. Therefore, the focus on the natural gas market relates to the growing importance of this resource in the global energy mix. Considerable reserves, a good balance fixed costs/variable costs and low emissions in the combustion cycle made natural gas the most important resource for electricity generation. This report aims thus to describe the main aspects of energy security linked to the particular role of natural gas, the second energy source in Europe and the third one in the world.