TUNeIT – towards a global World

No. 53 – September 201553.TUNeIT
Authors: E. Siviero, A. Ben Amara, M. Guarascio, G. Bella, A. Adao da Fonseca, K. Slimi, M. Zucconi
Language: English

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Developments in engineering of the last century open up the hypothesis of creation of a link between Sicily and Tunisia, which would mean a transcontinental territorial continuity between Europe and Africa, in line with other physical connections between Europe and Asia, between Asia and Africa and the hypothesized stable connection between Europe and Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar. This future project, called TUNeIT, is sustained by RMEI (Méditerranéen Réseau des Ecoles d’Ingénieurs), EAMC (Engineering Associations of Mediterranean Countries), PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean) and UNIV. The project recommends repeating the design of the Messina Strait Bridge several times, although this time restricted to railways, incorporating new technologies of “intelligent” structures. To cover the 140 km extent of the crossing, four artificial islands are built in correspondence with shallows where the seabed depth is reduced to between 40 and 60 m, which divides the total distance into five subdivisions varying in length from 20 to 30 km.