L’edificazione dello Stato kazako: i 20 anni della Costituzione e dell’Assemblea del Popolo del Kazakhstan

No. 54 – October 2015L'edificazione dello Stato kazako
Author: Alessandro Lundini
Language: Italian
Assembly of People of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstani identity

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This report is focused on the evolution of Kazakh state in the post-soviet era from tough first years to nowadays, through the analysis of the twenty years of both the Constitution and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The adoption of 1995 Constitution marked the transition in a new phase for Kazakhstan with the start of the state building policy of Nursultan Nazarbyev and the establishing of the strong leadership of the President over the Parliament and the Government. Changes in the last years tried to sustain the path to modernization and democratization of the system, but more reforms are needed in the next future. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan (APK) is the main institution of the national concord policy. It represents a link between State and national minorities and its aim is to defend national identities and to promote the idea of multinational identity of Kazakhstani nation. Considering its national and regional structures, it has become a main actor in the ethnic affairs of the country. It has also gained a relevant political status, thanks to its contribution to the country’s peace and stability.