Quale Stato per Hezbollah?

No. 56 – October 201556.Petrocelli_cover
Author: Giulia Petrocelli
Language: Italian
Shiites of Lebanon

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Hezbollah is currently one of the most influential groups of Lebanon, as well as a key international actor. Although there are several studies concerning its nature and its activities, it is possible to point out a certain lack of focus on the relations between Hezbollah and the Lebanese State in the broad sense. With no claim of being exhaustive, this report is intended to provide a critical analysis of Hezbollah’s role within the Lebanese context, focusing on non-military activities, in order to understand how the Party of God acts within the precarious institutional balance of contemporary Lebanon. Today, Hezbollah is a complex organization that operates at several levels. The present work starts from an investigation on the social aspect of the Party. The activities in the social field, undoubtedly, played a key role in outlining the identity of Hezbollah. We will see how welfare has been an important keystone for the Lebanese Shiite community; furthermore, emphasis will be put on its territorial and geopolitical meaning. Another element, which helps to define the kaleidoscopic identity of the Party, is represented by its relations. Understanding who are the Party’s interlocutors as well as its allies allows to grasp important aspects, which are useful in the analysis of how Hezbollah has evolved and how it operates in the political arena. The conclusive part of this work will be focused on the main issues, which currently dominate the political debate in Lebanon. Some of these are paradigmatic, thus an overview will be provided, analyzing the way Hezbollah is acting in politics. To summarise, the ultimate goal will be to define the overall identity of the Party of God, understanding its plan for the Lebanese State.