I conflitti in Libia e Siria e il potenziale di destabilizzazione regionale

No. 59 – November 201559.Ruggiu_Scalea-cover
Editors: Valeria Ruggiu, Daniele Scalea
Contributors: Alexandre Brans, Dario Citati, Diego Del Priore, Roberta La Fortezza, Luca Maiotti, Andrea Sperini
Language: Italian
MENA socio-political stability
Islamist terrorism

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Since 2011 Syria and Libya are the subjects of extreme violent infightings which, far from bringing democracy as many in the West initially hoped, are threatening the very existance of State and society. In addition to the human tragedy in the two countries, destabilization is seemingly spreading to their neighbourhood, as shown by terrorist attacks in Tunisia, armed struggle of Turkish Kurds, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia and other countries flooded with refugees, ISIS spreading to Iraq and establishment of a trans-national terrorist network. The very real risk is that the two national hotbeds of tension could destabilize the whole South-Eastern Mediterranean arch, bringing war and terrorism at the gates of Italy and Europe. This Report aims to analyze how the Libyan and Syrian destabilization is affecting the whole region.