La teoria della politica internazionale di Kenneth Waltz

No. 60 – November 201560.Nobile_Waltz-cover
Author: Marzia Nobile
Language: Italian
Kenneth Neal Waltz
Theory of international politics
Balance of power

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Kenneth Neal Waltz was one of the most controversial theorist of international relations of the postwar period. He wrote several classics of the field, such as “Man, the State and War” and “Theory of International Politics”, and he was the founder of neorealism, or structural realism theory. According to Waltz, wars are not caused simply by human aggression or bad governments but by the anarchy of international relations. Furthermore, Waltz regarded the bipolar nuclear system, during the Cold War, as one of the most stable balances of power ever. In the essay “The Spread of Nuclear Weapons: More May Be Better” the author states that the nuclear proliferation can safeguard the stability of the international system. In such a system, States represent the real actors of the global scene, looking for the conservation of the international status quo. This paper aims at analyzing Waltz’s “Theory of International Politics” in order to underline his innovative and authentic point of view.