Is the United States declining?

No. 62 – December 201562.Subbioni_cover
Author: Francesca Subbioni
Language: English
United States
Shift of power
Liberal international order

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This essay aims to look at one of the most debated issue of our age, whether or not the American power is declining and we are facing a major power shift towards the East, in particular China, which might challenge the world liberal order currently in place. For many century, the international liberal order was shaped by the overwhelming economic and military superiority of the West. In particular, since the end of the Second World War, the US were able to plasm the global affairs according to their interests and will and following a grand strategy based on two well-balanced elements: realism and liberalism. Now, since the turn of the new century, many relevant events occurred. They are able to make the global balance of power evolve and the dominant position of the West in doubt. According to many scholars, the leading role of the United States seems to be under threat. In fact, the unipolar system is over and we are witnessing the growing economic power of the emerging economies, better known as the BRICS, and in particular the rise of the Middle Kingdom. The economic and financial crisis started in the US in 2007 is still shaking the global market, it has been able to questioning the solidity and resilience of the European project and it has reduced the attractiveness of the Western model, based on democracy and liberal market. This new trend is pushing many scholars to reconsider the future scenarios ahead and to interrogate themselves whether or not the US are going through the end of their empire, whether we are entering in an Asian Century because of the US decline and whether or not the liberal international system is at stake.