Sulla natura delle relazioni tra i deboli e i forti

No. 63 – December 201563.Gullo_cover
Author: Marcelo Gullo
Language: Italian
Translator: Arianna Plebani
Critical Theory
Subordinating and Subordinated States
Foreign Policy

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In Latin America, the universities study international relations using primarily texts of academics from the United States. The negative aspect of this issue is that it has left a large area of relative obscurity in the study of international relations: the functioning of the international hierarchy, or if it is preferred, of the nature of the relationship between the weak and the strong. Therefore, the main objective of this work is to illuminate that dark area. After the creation of the Euro, when the integration of Europe had become a process of “satellitizing integration”, we can see subordinating and subordinated States emerging within Europe itself. Thus, this study may also be useful for the new States subordinates of Europe.