Società civile e cambiamento nel Rwanda post-genocidio: le organizzazioni femminili nella promozione del gender empowerment

No. 75 – April 201675. Marena_cover
Author: Davide Marena
Language: Italian
Gender studies
Gender empowerment
Rwandan genocide

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This paper focuses on the role of women’s organizations in promoting gender empowerment in post-genocide Rwanda. The main purpose of this research is to highlight the interconnections between the Rwandan political institutions and civil society, trying to bring to light both the positive effects that the dangers of a possible overlap between the two spheres. Activism from below born in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide led the women to be the main protagonists in the process of reconstruction and reconciliation in the country, constituting in many associations, which are the main instrument for supporting the survivors. This paper is the result of a research work on the field, realized in about six months in Rwanda, divided into two trips made in 2013, during which the analysis was carried out both by observation of institutional bodies, aimed the promotion of women and gender empowerment, both local non-governmental organizations, which work daily to support women.