CEDEAO-ECOWAS. The first and the upcoming 40 years of cooperation in West Africa

On 21st April 2016, in the Refettorio Hall of the San Macuto Palace, Via del Seminario 76 – Rome, Chamber of Deputies, will be held the conference CEDEAO-ECOWAS. The first and the upcoming 40 years of cooperation in West Africa, organized by IsAG in cooperation with Hon. Marco Fedi, M.P., member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.

In 2015, ECOWAS celebrated its first 40 years of activity in the domains of economic, political and security cooperation. Established on the goal of reaching “collective self-sufficiency”, the Economic Community of the West African States goes on with its work for integration, supporting its Member States in facing the most recent challenges not limited to the economic sphere. This meeting will offer the opportunity to give a summary of ECOWAS’ work, by highlighting its accomplishments and the potential of African cooperation. The meeting will deal with four main themes: – regional and international cooperation for economic and trade-related promotion, focusing on EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) with the EU and on the monetary integration of the Western African area; – new perspectives for energy and infrastructures in the area; – cooperation for collective security; – the role of Italy in West Africa and as a Mediterranean focal point for African initiatives.

Please click here to view the conference full programme: [pdf] [jpg]

Pre-registration required by April 17th through the following online form. Collar and tie required for gentlemen. No food or beverage allowed.