Portafortuna e riforme: la crisi economica thailandese e le sue implicazioni

No. 77 – April 201677. Maestripieri_cover

Author: Lorenzo Maestripieri
Language: Italian
Thailand’s economic crisis
Yingluck Shinawatra
Somkid Jatusripitak

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The current situation of Thailand’s market is all but stable: after the last military coup in May 2014, a military junta has been ruling the country with the final aim of “bringing back safety” to the people after months of social unrest and tormented political vicissitudes. Notwithstanding the good intentions, the economic and political performance of the country have faced a serious slump in the last year and a half, and the community of international observers, be them financial or diplomatic ones, are starting to get delusional as to when the anticipated changes and reforms will effectively be put into practice. The objective of this report is to trace a reconstruction of the main causes underlying the current institutional and economic crisis, through a chronological analysis of the events leading to this moment and an analysis of the political impasses. The final aim will be giving the reader an overall description of the situation and make him/her capable of better understanding the Thai scenario in view of future international changes that may affect the economic markets of the country. The research has mainly been based on journalistic literature, that is borrowing and comparing articles and news on the subject, with the aim of developing a thorough analysis. The conclusion deductible from the research is that Thai markets are strongly dependent on import-export, and by reason of 2008 economic crisis and the Chinese slump of the last year their performances have dropped. Due to the lack of expertise and concrete political action, the situation could worsen in 2016 if the junta refuses to come to terms with the needs of the population and of international investors. The first months of 2016 will thus be crucial in understanding whether the government will be able to bring a promising economic future to the people, or dampen the hopes for economic recovery.