Le linee di tendenza della politica estera indiana

No. 80 – May 201680. BrunelloZanitti_cover

Author: Francesco Brunello Zanitti
Language: Italian
India-China relations
India-US relations
Swing State
Soft Balancing

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In the last twenty-five years India attracted a great consideration in particular by United States thanks to an impressive economic growth. The U.S. pivot to Asia and the re-balance strategy to contain Chinese ascendance provide a special role to India as showed by recent Indo-U.S. military agreements. This paper, considering representations of India in the global stage and historical elements of its approach to international relations, analyses angles of India’s foreign policy in Asia, which is influenced by traditional strategic autonomy and alignment towards U.S. strategy in the Asia-Pacific. This attitude will be proved by several examples related to India’s policy in Asia, showing different perspectives. It will be analyzed why Washington considers contemporary India as a “swing state”, providing key aspects of New Delhi’s relations with United States, China and Asian States that will influence power politics ambitions of India.