L’Unione Africana: dal cammino verso l’unità al ruolo dei Paesi leader

No. 85 – August 201685.Report_Galassi

Author: Alvaro Galassi
Language: Italian
African Union
African leadership

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The transformation started in the second half of the twentieth century in Africa is an unprecedented process in the history of the African continent. The push of the pan-African movement that led the struggle for decolonization have initiated a process of social and economic change culminated with the establishment of the Organization of African Unity, which later became the African Union. The objective of this report is to analyze the steps that led African states to achieve the institutional unit, playing particular attention on two of the biggest challenge that the Union needs to respond, the issue of security and the struggle for the recognition of the role of leading country. Today, the African Union still appears not completely fulfilled, torn by internal conflicts and dependent on international aids. The African renaissance has not yet been realized, but the path of progress undertaken, if regularly supported by the effort of the whole African community, will bring Africa to finally become a global power.