La cooperazione scientifica nel Sud del mondo: l’IZSAM in Africa

No. 93 – October 201693-report_izsam

Authors: Laura De Antoniis, Patrizia Colangeli, Ercole Del Negro, Marco Ianniello, Massimo Scacchia
Language: Italian
Development Cooperation

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In 2015, several initiatives have taken in order to think about the results achieved and different approach to pursue in the international cooperation field. This report highlights the importance of development cooperation in relation with the international relations domain, in the light of acute changes concerning Geopolitics. Africa is one the most dynamic continent in the world, from a political, social and economic point of view, attracting the traditional and emerging countries attention. The agricultural and livestock are one of most relevant sectors as result of the importance having in African countries. Meeting the global demand for rural development and animal/human public health means guiding the development and governance process started by African Countries, in order to be reliable partners towards sustainable development. In that respect, the development cooperation politics carried out by a Italian Veterinarian Laboratory Institution as the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale” (IZSAM), particularly in Namibia and in Zambia, is more relevant for several projects of scientific cooperation.