Investimenti lungo One Belt One Road. Ruolo dell’Italia e opportunità per le aziende italiane

No. 94 – October 201694-report_porto_onebeltoneroad

Author: Massimiliano Porto
Language: Italian
One Belt One Road
The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR)
Go Global Policy
Port of Trieste

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Chinese government’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) Initiative has catalyzed attention of Governments, politicians, political and economic analysts because of the impact that could have on current and future geopolitical scenarios. Mainly, it has been observed that the Initiative it is a further indication that China is willing to take the international leadership. The opinions on the Initiative can be broadly divided into two kinds, the ones that highlight the positive impact on investment and economic and social inclusion in the States along the OBOR and the ones that highlight that the Initiative is strictly a plan made for China. In this report, after an introduction of the OBOR Initiative tracing back to the Chinese Go Global Policy, we will focus on Chinese investments from a financial and operating point of view in order to clarify how China invests abroad. The last chapter will present the possible relations of Italy with the OBOR Initiative and it is structured in three sections: a) opportunities for Italian companies in China; b) opportunities for Italian companies along OBOR; c) Italian role in the OBOR Initiative and investment opportunity for China in Italy.