L’inesplorato legame tra le FARC e le terre

No. 97 – November 201697-report_bilotta_farc

Author: Nicola Bilotta
Language: Italian
unequal distribution of land

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Despite the negative result of the peace agreement referendum, Colombia has never been so close to the achievement of national pacification. There has been a lack of exploration of the deep roots of FARC’s longevity in the existing literature. This paper tries to expand our knowledge on the possible causal relationship between FARC’s insurgency and the persistent unequal distribution of land in Colombia. It will employ the following qualitative and descriptive statistical evidence to explain the rural nature of the conflict: (i) FARC’s ideological propaganda has been always focused on revolutionizing the structure of land property. (ii) Agrarian reforms – enabled between 1960 and 2000 – have failed to reduce the level of land concentration and improve the social and economic conditions of small peasants and rural proletarians. (iii) Land distribution trends in the period 1950-2000 studied using different primary sources.