Le manifestazioni del terrorismo in Africa

No. 98 – November 201698-report_sperini_terrorismo-africa

Author: Andrea Sperini
Language: Italian

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The African continent, more and more, is becoming a theater of global geopolitical dynamics. The major geopolitical changes, the appearance of new actors and the widespread exasperation of already critical situations have created new disturbing trends. The challenge of the Islamic State in the Mediterranean African countries with even the establishment of exclusive areas of influence in Libya have given impetus to the evolution of a complex phenomenon for the origins, manifestations and future trends; at the same time other terrorist organizations are operating in Western and Eastern Africa, where geopolitical balances are severly affected. The aim of this paper is to conduct an analysis of the phenomenon that is fully responsive to local/regional realities, proceeding to a macroscopic division of areas in order to highlight the local specificities.