L’Europa delle Macroregioni: nuove sfide per il futuro

No. 100 – December 2016100-report_urbani_macroregioni

Author: Ilaria Urbani
Language: Italian
European Union
Network corridors

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The current geopolitical and geo-economics transition is creating new powerful hub and changes in cultural and socio-economic community dynamics. The globalization process is posing serious threat to the basic principles of the Nation-state, first on the idea of State sovereignty. At the European level, has been launched the goal of territorial cohesion through the Lisbon Treaty of 2007 in order to contribute to European sustainable development and competitiveness. In this aim, it has been promoted the concept of Macroregion, that means “an area including territory from a number of different countries or regions associated with one or more common features or challenges”. While, the macroregional Strategies is “an integrated framework that allows the European Union and Member States to identify needs and allocate available resources thus enabling Macroregion to enjoy a sustainable environment and optimal economic and social development”. This approach can provide a useful structure for addressing challenges and opportunities, coordinating efforts and providing a surplus value to ongoing European actions. The report analyses this issue both the European level and the national one, examining the different initiatives such as the creation of nine core network corridors among Europe and the reduction of regions in Italian country. The study aims to underline the strategic and empowerment role of these measures in the new international order and the resulting positive feedback for European Union as a whole and for its territories.