La Francia, il jihad e il ritorno dello stato d’eccezione

No. 103 – February 2017103.Report_Gaudino_Jihad-Francia-statoeccezione

Author: Ugo Gaudino
Language: Italian
State of emergency

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For the last two years European Union has been shocked by a massive number of casualties caused by terrorist attacks of a fanatic minority of islamic extremists, whose call for jihad has hit core member States of Western world and France in particular. The new asymmetrical threat has a double source, since among the authors of the bloodsheds we can find both militants of the jihad network grown in the Middle East quagmire and young people born, raised and radicalised in the EU, who sometimes show their support to Al Qaeda or Islamic State propaganda and act as facilitators and accomplices in terrorism. The paper is divided in two parts. The first one describes the origins of French islamic communities and underlines the differences between the three generations, from the “darons” to the “banlieusards” of these days. The focus on the third generation of French Muslims and on the links with the third wave of jihad – which prefers to create panic in the EU rather than in the USA – is an important analytical key to understand the reaction of the Élysée in front of the attacks. The second part offers a short institutional framework of the extraordinary measures taken by French government, which decided to extend the state of emergency until July 2017. The final part discusses the negative consequences which might harm some basic principles of the European Union and stresses the necessity of a balanced relationship between the request of better security policies and the protection of individual freedom and fundamental rights.