«L’epoca brucerà in un fuoco d’addio…»

No. 105 – March 2017105.Report_Volodin_Trump

Authors: Andrej Volodin, Aleksandr Čudodeev
Translator: Mariafrancesca Elia
Language: Italian
rational approach

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The authors’ (Andrei Volodin and Alexander Chudodeev) aim is to comment extensively the electoral victory of Donald Trump and its causes, analyzing this unexpected outcome as a part of a process which includes some remarkable transformations regarding the american society and its way of thinking foreign and internal politics. The undervaluation of these changes, for the american analysts, would mean a big mistake in the process of comprehension and evaluation of this new political age in which internal social changes seem to play a decisive role in order to establish foreign politics’ priorities. The authors provide some examples to show how much important are these internal changes for the future foreign politics’ priorities of US, Russia and China. In this sense, Volodin and Chudodeev talk about the “rational approach” of Donald Trump regarding the future of the american movements on the global chessboard, including the new way of thinking about the management of the military expenditure item destined to the security of NATO Countries and the new strategies which will be adopted approaching to some hot zones as Siria and Ukraine. According to Volodin and Chudodeev, the Trump’s capacity in restoring a profitable relationship with Russia will be decisive in order to “heal” the US industrial economy. What the Trump’s victory will represent for the entire world? The US’ rivals and partners in Asia and Europe will be able to reconvert their geopolitical targets as well? What kind of challenge this “Trump era” means for Putin’s Russia? Reading this report we could discover these and much more about how the social transformations could influence the strategies of the Countries and, consequently, the destiny of the world.