Donald Trump alla Casa Bianca, ovvero…un cambio di paradigma?

No. 109 – August 2017

Authors: Andrej Volodin, Aleksandr Čudodeev
Translator: Giannicola Saldutti
Language: Italian
Donald Trump
US interests
etnho-demographic balance
100 days
crisis of the political élite

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The authors’ aim is to provide a large contribution about the kind of challenges and internal problems which Donald Trump and his team will deal with during the next four years in the economic and socio-political field. The internal transformations will be decisive, in the forthcoming future, to set the political agenda of United States: their problematic etnho-demographic balance, the conditions of their “inner cities” and the low patrimonial status of the major part of the American citizens represent a source of troubles and a difficult “test bench” for Trump and his presidential mandate. The “global capitalist” model is shown as a double-edged sword for the American economy and for the future position of America into the international space. Moreover, today we are the “spectators” of a large crisis in the American political élite, republican or democratic. The world’s stability will be set basically on the relationship triangle Washington-Moscow-Beijing: transforming successfully our Countries from inside will be necessary in order to keep the balance of this “triangle”.